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It's Easy To Become A Member....

In order to be able to attend SCOTA organized runs, you must be a dues-paying member. People who are interested in attending a run, who have never attended one in the past are more than welcome to join a run as a guest to check us out. However, after the first "guest" run you must be a dues-paying member in order to attend any future runs.

Your dues help support the club's activities, and to support land-use causes including our donation to organizations that help the cause. We are currently a club member of CORVA, and in 2017 we will endeavor to join other such organizations in order to give back to the off-road community.

Member dues are:

*$50 for a single individual and will receive a free shirt and decal.

*$75 for a family and will receive 2 shirts and a decal. 

Please email seanwhite5@gmail.com for an application

2nd year members will be receiving a custom SCOTA patch.

That being said, we have had an incredible first year with astronomical growth and many successful runs. I look forward to seeing everyone on the trail in 2019!